Terms and Condition

1. Immediately upon receipt of the booking amount, the management/ centre manager undertakes mobilization/ living up all the related resources of the company in terms of professional staff/time slot of appliance / consumables etc. Required to dischare efficient service to its clients within validity of the programme.
2. The validity period as per requirement of the programme for each individual client is determined and conveyed to individual clients. It is in the interest of client to seek the requisite services within the validity period of the programme failing which the unexpected programme/ package will expire and no services will rendered against the party or fully unexpected package
3.The management will not refund any amount against booking and/or its services whether availed in full or not by the client during the validity of the programme payment received by the company against the services shall be deemed to have been utilized in full in discharge of the company obligation
4.The validity, construction and performance of terms and conditions herrin shall be governed by the interpretation in accordance with the laws of India and the company and client agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Karnataka courts