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Namo wellness became a success story in the wellness industry over the years and during its journey, namo wellness has emerged as a leader in introducing the latest world-class technology and advanced treatments in Bangalore. It has introduced many advanced Dermatological Treatments like PRP for skin rejuvenating and hair, stem cell technology for hair regrowth, and many slimming treatments like NSLS, spot reduction, and Mesolipolysis.


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Why Choose Namo Wellness

Namo wellness has emerged as a pioneer not only for slimming and beauty treatments but also shown its mark in the dermatological treatments for skin and hair and laser hair reduction.

Offering a truly holistic and solution-oriented professional beauty care system for the harmony of mind, body, and soul. Only herbal ingredients are infused & 100% natural essential oil is used in the development of the products. To name a few effective products of unmatched quality for weight loss, Anti Cellulite Oil, Anti Cellulite Balm, Hydrating Face Lotion, Mountain Dew Face Tonic and many more.


Asthetic Treatment

An aesthetic skin care clinic may also offer pampering treatment but their primary focus is on treatment such as PRP, skin rejuvenation, Medical skin peel, Laser, Hair removal and several other such services.
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We Deliver Weight Loss Body Shaping, Spot Reduction Improvement in overall Health and fitness Improvement in Medical & Biochemical Parameters.

Laser hair Reduction

Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly done cosmetics procedures it beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigment in the follicles absorbs the light. That destroys the hair.

What Our Client Says

Raj Menon

It was an amazing experience for me. Till I met them and started the treatment I had given up all hopes on looking younger but they proved me wrong .now even after my 3rd prp I look younger .glowing confident .this is the clinic I strongly recommend spcly for elders like me. I also liked the warm hospitality,the care and ofcourse the professional treatment ,both by Dr chaitali and Dr vinutha. To sum up .I got my exciting life back😊.

Yuktha Jagadish

I had taken up laser treatment for 5 sessions. I feel it's worth that I had paid I can see the results and difference....just wow and excellent!!!


Great place with very good professionals. Give treatment after complete analysis of our body. Dr Chaitali has given very good suggestions. She suggested facial fat and tummy tuccker treatment. With the help of Senthil Kumar I have undergone this treatment and seen very good results. They are following all COVID related precautions, which is very necessary at this point of time. Very hygienic place and very good and polite staff. Please continue your great work team.

sheetal naik

A go to pplace for PRP and youth skin treatments! Amazing service by Dr.Chaithali alongside great staff. Glad I found this place!:)

suhasini shivakumar

Amazing service. The staff here is extremely professional. The doctor was always available and helped me through out the process. Most economical compared to other acne treatment. I started with a acne treatment service and I could see visible difference with my skin glowing after few sessions. Thanks to the team and special thanks to the doctor 🙂


I have used advanced Prp For tightening the skin and glow. It has certainly improved my facial skin. My children from America have appreciated a lot. I feel I look quite young. Thanks to Namowellness for the good work done. I am greatly thankful to Dr. Chaitali for the wonderful suggestions.

    Our Experts

    Namo Wellness Corporate Doctor

    Dr.Chaitali Bintesh Tamakuwala

    Specialized M.P.T in Neurologist and Aesthetic Doctor

    Expert analysing and consulting Slimming, skin and hair problem of the client as works the wellness and Aesthetic doctor as well as executive the services for the same with the team of doctors

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